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Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri Offers Insights on How To Grow Reach, Algorithms, TikTok and More | Social Media Today 👍

"As Mosseri notes, there's no magic trick that will help you boost every post to millions of people, but by taking note of the signals that Instagram's team highlights, and the specific explanations provided, you can get a better understanding of the key elements required for an effective platform strategy.

TAKEAWAY 🔥In a live Q&A session last week, Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri answered the burning questions most commonly asked by users, with tips on how to best utilise Reels to increase your engagement, why the Insta algorithm is constantly changing and improving, the monetisation opportunities in the pipeline for creators, and his honest opinion of TikTok (spoiler: Mosseri admits TikTok has the edge over Instagram for its fine-tuned algorithm and entertaining content!). However, where TikTok lacks... Instagram excels 👀.

Twitter is Adding a New 'Subscribe' Button to Newsletter Creator Profiles | Social Media Today 📑

"The new 'Subscribe' button, which will also showcase newsletter info, will appear below the main profile information panel, and will enable users to easily sign-up for a newsletter direct from the app. When tapped, users will also have an option to read a sample issue, or tap through to the next stage, which will then see a confirmation email sent to the account linked to your Twitter profile.”

TAKEAWAY 🔥Revue creators will soon be able to leverage their Twitter followers to generate greater newsletter readership. The new subscribe option will enable Revue writers to showcase free and paid newsletters on their Twitter profiles, for their followers to easily peruse, sign-up and subscribe to. The feature follows Twitter’s acquisition of Revue, adding another notch in the belt of creator monetisation opportunities 💸.

Spotify’s Clubhouse competitor Greenroom launches today | The Verge 🎧

"Every tech company now seems to be interested in social audio, a thing that didn’t widely exist until March 2020, when Clubhouse launched. Since then, Twitter has launched Spaces, Facebook hosted its first Live Rooms, and other companies, like Slack, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Discord have started building similar products. Spotify might have the best chance of making social audio a real part of its business, simply because audio is already its full-time thing."

TAKEAWAY 🔥: Spotify has cemented itself as THE hub of audio streaming, and with the growing popularity of live audio experiences it seems like its Clubhouse-esque addition was a natural- even, inevitable- progression. According to the Spotify newsroom, “since bringing the Locker Room app into the fold, we’ve been working to expand its capabilities, with the goal of creating a live audio experience that will delight creators and listeners everywhere. And we wanted to do it with a Spotify twist that operated as an extension of the app already loved by 356 million listeners. That’s why we renamed it Spotify Greenroom”. Spotify have announced plans for a creator fund to help audio creators monetise their sessions (sessions which can be saved and shared as podcasts, unlike Clubhouse), which will surely help Greenroom stand out in an increasingly crowded market 💚.

Twitter Launches New Insights Series Analyzing the Latest Trends in Media and Entertainment | Social Media Today 📊

"Twitter has always been the key platform for discussing real-time trends and reactions, with the fast-moving nature of the tweet feed lending itself to that initial buzz and chatter.”

TAKEAWAY 🔥: 'From The Director's Chair' is a new content series which unpacks all the latest media and entertainment (M&A) buzz on Twitter, with perspective pieces from Ged Tarpey- Twitter's managing director of M&A. Packed with stats and insights, the first instalment in the series focuses on an industry-wide campaign which celebrates the fact that US movie theatres (cinemas, if you're a Brit) are reopening- '#TheBigScreenIsBack'. Breaking down the ways in which users are responding and reacting to trending topics, Tarpey calls upon the various platform features which play a part in generating buzz, sparking conversations and uniting communities- or in this case, fandoms- together on the app. We already knew that Twitter is where the conversations happen- the home of the hashtag and hub of gossip, where anything worth talking about is most certainly being talked about- but this insights series sheds new light on how these trends play out in real time 💭.

LinkedIn Provides Tips on How To Increase Your Company Page Following | Social Media Today 📲

"LinkedIn has been sharing a range of case studies that highlight how to use its promotional tools and options, while today, it's also provided some new tips on how to maximize your company presence, and grow your company page followers."

TAKEAWAY 🔥With usership, engagement and membership at record highs, LinkedIn has been providing tips and tricks for how to increase company presence on the platform. Covering everything from tips for content and audience growth, to making the most of the Community Hashtags feature, the latest insights come just a couple of weeks after LinkedIn shared a step-by-step guide for effective brand marketing. To see these tips in action, LinkedIn have also been sharing some case-studies of effective engagement on the platform, such as Johnson & Johnson's approach to maximising COVID-19 vaccine take-up- through the use of ads- and "why they chose LinkedIn to reach key decision-makers and professionals" 💡.

TAKUMI HAS BEEN SHORTLISTED! | Influencer Marketing Awards 2021 🏆


Our Häagen-Dazs #SecretSofa work, in partnership with General Mills, Secret Cinema and Agency Space, has been shortlisted for two awards at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2021! 🏆 Watch this space! #IMA21 💥

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