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Facebook Announces New Business Connection Tools, Including Click-to-Message Expansion | Social Media Today 📲

"Facebook has announced a raft of new tools to help businesses establish more direct connection with prospective customers, with a specific focus on personalized messaging, while it’s also looking to improve business discovery, and provide new management options to better facilitate business activity and reach.”

TAKEAWAY 🔥Facebook is making it easier for brands to communicate and connect with consumers through various messaging features 🗣. The first of which is a click-to-message option for ads, which automatically detects the messaging platform most used by the individual consumer and then defaults that platform in the ad. Click-to-message is a simple addition, but one that will make the process of brand-consumer communication more convenient and more intimate, and bolster it with a tailored offering to the consumer’s most used messaging method 💬. The same benefits can also be found in Facebook’s new ‘click-to-chat’ button - another addition in the eCommerce push on Whatsapp following the introduction of Shops to the app - making it even easier for Whatsapp-focused brands to connect with consumers.

Lastly, new capabilities on its Business Suite management platform- such as customised re-marketing emails, content management tools and a Post Testing feature- are likely to have the biggest benefit for brands. These additions will make it easier to strategise and plan content, engage consumers, and improve reach. ✅

Google’s New Advertiser Pages will Show All the Ads Running from a Brand
| Ad Age 

““Imagine you’re seeing an ad for a coat you’re interested in, but you don’t recognize the brand,” Google said in its announcement on Wednesday. “With advertiser pages, you can learn more about that advertiser before visiting their site or making a purchase.””

TAKEAWAY 🔥Google has announced a new update to its ad offerings, in the form of "advertiser pages". These pages, which are essentially ad catalogues, are intended to increase transparency about the legitimacy and conduct of advertisers and brands 📄. The pages will display when a user is shown an ad from a particular brand, showing them data about the brand and a 30-day history of the ads they've run. What does this mean for brands and marketers? 🧐 On one hand it means they are subject to heightened scrutiny over their advertising activities and the information they are promoting, but with this comes the benefit of authenticity and greater understanding for consumers about the brands they may want to purchase from.

How Brands Should Address Social Issues that Matter to Black Americans | AdAge 📲

“Diversity and inclusion in storytelling and decision-making are essential if brands want to avoid the ire of Black consumers".

TAKEAWAY 🔥: This opinion piece sets out some thoughtful insights on how brands can align their messaging and marketing activities with their corporate values. As noted in the piece,"the freedom that brands once had to avoid taking a position or making a statement is eroding", and more than ever, consumers want to see that a brand has a clear, meaningful stance on real social issues ⚖️. At TAKUMI, we have observed a huge shift in the last 18 months within the brand-creator-consumer ecosystem; consumers are seeking authenticity and are prioritising values in their purchasing decisions . Sustainability, diverse representation and ethical practices are driving their spending behaviour and brand perceptions.

At TAKUMI, we are helping brands to navigate this shift and to truly walk the talk. For brands that want to bolster their diversity and inclusion efforts and align these within their campaign activities to create real impact, it is vital that they reflect the voices and lived experiences of their diverse audiences in their advertising 🌎. Our Creator Collectives give a platform to a range of creators, who advise and exchange insights about how brands can better represent them; not only do they speak as consumers, but as advocates for your target audiences. Get in touch with TAKUMI today to find out more.

Pinterest Tests Idea Pin Sharing Direct to Facebook and Instagram Stories | Social Media Today 👀

"The new process will enable users to re-share their Idea Pins via the ‘Send’ option, with both Facebook and Instagram Stories listed as distribution channels ... That could be a big boost for eCommerce brands looking to raise awareness, with direct connection to their Pin presence."

TAKEAWAY 🔥: Pinterest is currently testing a new feature which will help brands and creators increase their presence and content engagement, by sharing their Idea Pins directly to multiple platforms. For those that are particularly active on Pinterest, the new feature will enable them to repurpose their Pins content to gain greater visibility and presence through other channels, like Instagram, while the incorporation of the Pinterest watermark will aid in pointing viewers back to the Pinterest app itself 💡.

How to Utilise Influencer Marketing | TAKUMI 📰

"Brands and influencers have the opportunity for mutually beneficial relationships on a scale that has never been seen before, and there has never been a better time to utilize influencer marketing."

TAKEAWAY 🔥: We're taking it back to basics on the TAKUMI blog with this latest piece on how - and why - influencer marketing works 📲. Despite its growing popularity as a marketing approach - on track to become a $15billion industry by 2022- many brands and advertisers have yet to dedicate any marketing spend on influencers; many are still unclear as to what it really is, what the process of an influencer marketing campaign entails, and the incredible successes they can achieve. If you're a brand that still needs convincing, or you just want to reacquaint yourself with the basics, give this piece a read 🔍.

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